Faque Copy

This project is my pride and joy. I had far too good a time working on it (if that’s possible!)

In 120 seconds

Here’s a brand video I (poorly) made.

In Short

This was my MA thesis. I majored in Business & Editorial writing (as opposed to Non-Fiction, Fiction or Script) – the only person in my year to do so! Because I wasn’t employed by anyone at the time, and any freelance work was sporadic and across a number of different clients, I wanted to produce a whacking great project which was all my own. I settled on the creation and portrayal of a fake copywriting agency called Faque.

The Bristol-based agency is made up of four individuals – Alan, Elizabeth, Daniel and Sarah (me!), who believe they are at the forefront of brand marketing, spouting misguided advice and copious jargon. Each member of the team’s character is written to have a different tone of voice, and to provide different skills to the agency.

It was an absolutely massive exercise, and put all of my skills from the MA to the test.

The project consists of a website containing the profiles and portfolio of the Faque team, along with a blog, Social Media accounts and film pieces. I also created the logos and infographics, and ensured constant interaction with the copywriting community. The project is intended to act as a calling-card for my copywriting abilities and eye for ‘fakery’, and so alongside the Faque Copy work, I have created a website for my own professional profile, and left breadcrumbs leading back to me in and among Faque’s work.

It’s pretty cheeky. The project is intended to be a parody of the copywriting and marketing industries, and the fads that are often employed in order for companies to try to connect with their audience – often to no proven benefit.

Have a Proper Gander

The Style Guide
Something serious to start with. I created the Style Guide to ensure that Faque had their own recognisable branding & overall tone.

The Website
I made it all myself – no UX designers here. Including highlights such as:

The ‘Employees’
Complete with marketing jargon, made-up job titles & irrelevant backstories.
The Awful Portfolio
At least I can demonstrate some level of awareness around a bad ad.
The Advice Blog
Did I mention that the Faque crew are total thought-leaders™? Different blogs, written by different characters, in their separate TOV.

Don’t forget the bonus testimonials! There might even be a familiar face or two there…

Part marketing pastiche, part legitimate breakdown???

Things seriously got out of hand here. When you’re getting more likes on your marketing bullsh*t than on pictures of your own face, there’s something wrong. Right? Hahahahaha #nolowselfesteemhere

And finally..

I’m hoping nobody gets this far. Seriously.

Here’s a horrifically awkward and poor quality video of me being Faque, talking about marketing to Millenials.


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