Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 product launch

TOUGHBOOK 55 product launch film

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is already the world’s leading rugged technology manufacturer.

But when a company is already so successful, how do you up your game even further? How can you prove your tech is evolving even faster than the competition? And how do you prove you’re still hungry to provide the most durable, most reliable and highest-quality tech to your business partners?

By launching a multi-channel digital campaign, including a shareable set of videos.

I worked with our video and motion graphics team to write a script which would promote this customisable, adaptable, flexible TOUGHBOOK device. We had the constraints of only being able to use stock footage and our pre-created campaign assets. So showing diverse sector applications was tough.

And there was one more complication. We were targeting a broad set of sectors – Utilities, Healthcare, Emergency Services, Telecoms and Logistics – so I needed to balance impactful messaging with a broad target audience.

switch fit click_TOUGHBOOK 55

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