No small wars

Marking the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War for the
Royal British Legion

74 days. 38 warships. 77 vessels. 255 British lives lost over 8,000 miles away. This so-called small war on a distant isle has left nothing short of a colossal impact on modern life.

So when RBL asked us to produce their bi-annual Poppy Press in line with the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War, we were glad to accept.

The Falklands War, as it turns out, is often called the ‘forgotten war’, or ‘small war’.

But even at a relatively brief 74 days, there were hundreds who didn’t return home to their families after conflict, and thousands more left with lifelong scars.

Yet, no matter its size, war is still war.

Just as PTSD is still PTSD. Losing a friend is still losing a friend. And even a small contribution to RBL is a significant one.

The Poppy Press DM pack is distributed to existing RBL supporters, and an integral comms piece which raises much-needed funds for the Armed Forces community.

In keeping with our ‘no small wars’ concept, we created what at first glance is a tiny A5 leaflet, which folds out and becomes bigger, eventually ending up at broadsheet scale, filled with the stories of those who were there – and who remember the Falklands as though it were yesterday.

We wrote a cover letter to accompany the leaflet, and even provided a postcard designed by official Falklands War Artist, Linda Kitson, to be returned to RBL and turned into a commemorative exibition of tribute.

Marking the anniversary of any war is a significant and sensitive event. And this is a war with 10,000 veterans who still living today – veterans who still remember the events of conflict like it was yesterday. And those veterans – many of whom fall on hard times each year – deserve our support.

For there are no small wars. No small sacrifices. And no brave men and women more deserving of our support.

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