Energy for Change

The world is in a race against time to reduce carbon emissions and limit the devastating effects of climate change.

And with the UK’s own zero carbon targets now enshrined in law, people across the nation are already making positive changes to the way they live, work and travel in a bid to be kinder to the environment.

Now, there’s an eco-friendly change the nation’s homeowners can introduce at home, too.

By switching out their boiler for a Daikin Altherma heat pump, they can harness the power of renewable energy to supply their heating and hot water – without burning harmful fossil fuels.

This was a two-fold campaign which kept us really, really busy.

We needed to produce both a B2B and B2C campaign which would do two things: the first, raise brand awareness. Nobody knew who Daikin was – especially not in the consumer market. The second, was to create momentum for the renewable movement – to encourage homeowners and plumbers/heating installers alike to make their own changes, and get stuck into this world.

Let’s talk B2C first. Not only did we need to educate homeowners on a new technology and convince them to invest in something expensive – we needed to make them familiar with and trusting of Daikin products, too.

Oh – and did I mention we had just three months to turn the entire B2C campaign around in the midst of a global pandemic?

The result was Energy for Change.

Collateral included a brand-spanking-new website, TV and Radio ads, a consumer brochure, downloadable specs and flyers, digital and native advertising, and even wraps for Daikin’s fleet of vehicles. Phew.

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