ABM campaign

Panasonic Business, Zetes UK, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

Logistics businesses have faced mounting pressure over the last decade. The e-commerce boom has driven quicker-than-quick change, with that boom becoming a true explosion of activity during the pandemic.

For an industry that’s been around for hundreds of years, it’s meant having to find new ways of increasing operational efficiency – and fast.

Enter Panasonic Business, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and Zetes UK: three businesses with one joint solution. A solution called Visual Sort Assist.

So, our challenge was two-fold: to strengthen the offering of three business units with a collaborative marketing approach, and to execute an ABM pilot campaign targeting key businesses within the UK logistics market.

We split our challenge into audience behaviours: what did we want to make them thinkfeelknow and, ultimately, do?

From a copy perspective, this meant starting with a piece of hero content. Our digital hero piece focussed on the most critical issue our target companies faced: the time lost through manual sorting processes.

Once that hero piece was complete, we carefully crafted lead-gen copy across a number of different digital avenues: including emails, InMail, DDMs, display advertising and Pulse articles for internal Zetes and Panasonic staff to share.

The breadth of content meant we could monitor our progress, and adapt assets as new market opportunities arose.

Our campaign targeted 24 UK-based logistics companies over a three-month period, to both generate new leads and reactivate lapsed ones.

The results?

We reached 100% of our target companies.

We generated active leads in 50% of them.

Made almost 50,000 total impressions on LinkedIn.

And our three clients were so pleased they had us expand the campaign to Germany and France, plus launch an additional three-month campaign extension in the UK.

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